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Scotland is known for its Outdoor Access Code, also referred to as the Right to Roam, which gives you access to most land in Scotland for recreational and educational purposes, with only a few exceptions like railways, airfields and quarries for safety reasons. There are three key principles to this Act: you must respect the interests of other people, care for the environment, and take responsibility for your own actions. Scotland also allows Wild Camping, but what you may not know is this only applies to lightweight camping in tents – it is illegal to wild camp in a motorhome without the landowners permission. Instead of trying to find wild camping spots or track down landowners, we recommend that you stay in one of the thousands of campsites in the UK – most of them have facilities to allow you to dispose of waste and grey water in the proper manner.

We strongly suggest that everyone hiring a motorhome makes themselves familiar with the Outdoor Access Code, so that when out and about you know your following the rules and restrictions, and can be at peace of mind knowing your doing your part in responsible travel.

We are proud of Scotland and it’s beauty, and we want to make sure we maintain this beauty! When you’re travelling around the country, always be mindful to leave the area you inhabit in the same way you found it, the aim should always be to leave no trace of you being there! This helps preserve the natural beauty, wildlife and local communities. Always remember to:

Respo Inner
Dispose of your rubbish properly and clean up after yourself, the others you’re travelling with, and your pets!
Be careful not to damage or disturb any of the land, animals or plants on your travels.
Be particularly careful on cultural heritage sites.
Plan and book your campsites ahead – they regularly book out so it’s always good to have a plan B just in case!
Do not spend the night in an undesignated area.
Keep a safe distance from any land management operations.
Take responsibility for your own actions.
Be a considerate driver and traveller, learn the rules of the road and Right to Roam before you travel.

Enjoy the beauty of Scotland's stunning sights and landmarks passing by - travel off the beaten track!