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    Ikonic Print and Ikonic Workwear deliver fantastic vehicle livery and workwear for Gallus Motorhomes

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    Gallus Motorhomes are delighted to have received a complete workwear and vehicle livery package by Ikonic Print and Ikonic Workwear. 

    As a luxury motorhome hire company based in central Scotland, we wanted workwear and vehicle livery that would make our company stand out among the crowd. 

    Since our launch, we have seen Gallus Motorhomes go from strength to strength. Needing workwear and vehicle branding, we were delighted to work with Ikonic Workwear and Ikonic Print. 

    By working with Ikonic Print and Ikonic Workwear, we received fantastic customised workwear and vehicle livery branding for our motorhomes. 

    We wanted workwear garments that would keep us looking professional all year round – no matter the Scottish weather! With a great range of clothing available, we specifically chose Ikonic Workwear’s Regatta Softshell Jackets and their popular Pro RTX Pro Polos for our team. We also added our company logo to each garment to highlight the Gallus Motorhome branding and message. 

    In addition, the vehicle livery delivered by Ikonic Print was exceptional and we could not be happier with the results. 

    If your business is looking for bespoke and high-quality workwear, visit Ikonic Workwear’s website here. Furthermore, if you are looking for vehicle signage and livery services for your business, Ikonic Print’s website can be reached here

    Lastly, if you are looking to book a motorhome hire adventure with us, please visit our vehicle hire page here and start your motorhome journey today. 

    T: 0141 291 501

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