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    Guide To Responsible Travel 2021

    Welcome to our Guide to Responsible Travel 2021. Please read this guide carefully when hiring one of our motorhomes. 

    Responsible Travel Scotland Image of Motorhome

    Firstly before we get into it, there is some common sense rules while travelling in Scotland, obviously the stunning beauty of Scotland is second to none and we all want to keep it that way so we have made a few rules to follow: 

    We all have to take responsibility to keep our beautiful land green and as a camper van or motorhome hirer and owner it is to keep Scotland both green and clean.  Say you find yourself  – on a remote beach on Barra, or a touring park in inverness, you have a responsibility to your fellow motorhome users and to the area you inhabit. That is to keep it tidy to not make any mess and to be respectful.  

    • Tidy up your pitch when you arrive and before you leave. 
    • Don’t drop grey waste anywhere other than in designated places. 
    • Empty your chemical loo at designated points only. (more info to come on this)
    • Don’t light fires BBQ’s anywhere near grass. 
    • Recycle as much as you can, even pick up rubbish that does not belong to you.
    • Buy and eat local (help the local economy)
    • Be nice a smile goes a long way
    • Other peoples trash, some people might not be as considerate as you, 
    • Most Importantly, relax and enjoy

    If you require any further information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at