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    Guide To Overnight Motorhome Parking

    Are you unsure what overnight parking rules apply to the area you are travelling to? Different regions and areas in Scotland all have different rules and regulations when it comes to overnight parking. 

    Our Guide To Overnight Motorhome Parking will give you handy and useful information on some of the most popular areas for motorhome hire travel and the rules for overnight parking during your motorhome adventure. 

    motorhome at night parking

    Loch Lomond and camping management zones

    In Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, problems have been so persistent that the park authority has had cause to repeal the right and passed local bylaws requiring permits to wild camp at certain times of the year. This applies to camper vans and motorhomes as well as tented camping. 

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    Island camping  

    When the number of motorhomes reaches saturation point, particularly on small and beautiful islands, problems can occur. It is not your fault for going there or the islanders’ fault for living in a beautiful place, but sometimes, if there are too many people all trying to do the same thing, things can get difficult. It seems that island or even individual grazing trusts are taking charge by setting their own agenda, working hard to encourage visitors while reducing the impact where camping is restricted to one area of machair, and installing an honesty box to help pay for it. I am all for that and would happily pay for a loo, decent parking and a tap, such as is found at some spots on Lewis. 

    Islands deal with it in different ways: 

    Colonsay, I have heard that informal camping in camper vans and motorhomes is not encouraged and people are required to demonstrate that they have a booking or place in which to camp when they arrive. 

    Arran is a special place with few ‘wild’ spots that are away from the beady eyes of residents. All local public toilets have shut or are on reduced hours, Campsites are the only option when it comes to emptying tanks.

    Barra and the Uists have their own code about wild camping, described in a leaflet that can be picked up at tourist information centres and various other places. This leaflet points out places where you can empty and charge tanks as well as places to shower. This is great and shows that there is some consideration and that we are welcome, but it must be managed and treated with respect. 

    The West Harris Trust has designated a number of areas where overnight parking/camping is permitted in order to control the number of people randomly camping in a small stretch. This works well, although there are still a few places where it is possible to camp outside these areas. There are “also designated hook-up points and showers at Talla na Mara, a local restaurant and cultural centre. At Hushinish there are new designated spots being created to help alleviate the issues around wild camping and overcrowding.” 

    Lewis also has a number of spots where it is possible to empty waste tanks and these are available from the tourist information office in Stornoway or Tarbert. There are also lists of car parks with toilets that can be used for wild camping”

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